Essay on No Name Woman By Maxine Kingston

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Maxine Kingston’s story, “No Name Woman” recounts the tale of a young lady who learns the heartbreaking history of her aunt’s illegitimate child. The resulting aftermath is a bevy of turmoil and chaos that ultimately forces her to meet a tragic end. Kingston spends most of her time bordering on the line between fact and fiction, making the readers journey through the story quite complicated. The author is amazing at illustrating what a struggle it is for Maxine to believe certain things about her aunt, often debating the distinction between accuracy and personal experience. The story not only describes the aunt’s struggle but also paves the way for her niece to help sort out her often confusing emotions. Kingston becomes a rarity choosing to speak out, be different, while seamlessly supplying a “voice” for so many women who are and have become “voiceless”.
From the very beginning of the story, Kingston comes out ”swinging” so to speak; breaking through the dark cloud that is the family secret, not only is she speaking out but she is, in essence, telling all. Challenging normal Chinese cultures where woman do not have voices of sort of, pushing this family secret to the forefront. This fact is especially evident when her mother begins her story with the phrase "You must not tell anyone"(307). Kingston struggles to find her place in the world where she is straddled between two cultures; one in which she has been silenced her entire life. Maxine says of her confusion…

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