No Man Should Have All That Power Essay

1068 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
“No man should have all that power.” is quote from Kanye West’s Power song that has some truth to it because it refers to power and ambitions. In life, a person has come face with being control by a feeling, person, or force where or not they are control is determined by their belief, willpower, assuredness, and morals. We all had a moment or two where our ambitions had blinded us from right and wrong. Where we see only what we desires and us getting it, however not the people we hurt or how we betrayed our own values, ideals, and morals. Ambitions that aren’t kept in line can and will lead to tragic, no matter the size. To betray our own values, beliefs, ideals, and morals is to betray our-self. Our morals defined us as individual and guide us in our choices. How we determine if something wrong or right on a non-religious basis is base on own individual values and personal life experience. There are many stories and historical texts about a person being blinded by desires, greed, ambitions, or manipulation but no more famous the William Shakespeare’s Tragic of Macbeth. A play about a man who is told future and his wife who manipulated him to to betrayed his sense of justice to make the prophecies to happen sooner rather than later. Macbeth is the tragic hero of this play because of his lack of assuredness at home allows him to be easily controlled by his wife 's desires which will later on be the cause of his tragic flaw because it turn him into an uncontrollable power…

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