Essay on No Country For Old Men By Cormac Mccarthy

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In the novel How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster, discusses in depth literary devices and their meanings. After reading Fosters novel and going on to reading No Country for Old men by Cormac McCarthy the main literary devices and themes conveyed were, geography, Christ figures, and violence. McCarthy uses these devices and themes to attract the reader to think about the book on a deeper level. In the novel No Country for Old Men the geography sets the tone for many scenes. The novel shows the West as a lawless place were evil and demise are superior rather than the stereotypical intrepid, second chancing West. Llewellyn Moss, a welder and Vietnam veteran, is a very ambitious, confident and prideful man. When he first discovers the accident in the desert author McCarthy puts emphasis on the setting of the desert as a representation of death and emptiness to draw the reader in to the beginning of the story. Geography can also be used to switch the mood within the reader. Throughout the novel the reader experiences darker moods. Showing the dark and despairing mood, “When he reached the place where the river actually passed beneath the bridge, he stopped and stood looking down on it.” [McCarthy 117] The quote makes the mood dark and despairing. The river is used to portray a sense of change and progress but there is hopelessness felt within the reader because no change has happened within Moss. He is still in the war of good and evil and…

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