Essay on No Connection With Her Mother

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As a child, Sam reported that she had a greater connection with her mother, than her father. She reported this disconnect was due to her father always traveling because of work. Although Sam had preferred her mother to her father in the past, this quickly change after a tragic event in the family. She reported that she started to have a disconnect with her mother around time her younger sister passed. Sam witnessed her mother drink and party, to the point of blacking out. Sam reported emotional abuse between her parents, which caused her mother to spiral. She reported that her mom had always drank, but never this bad. Sam reported that sometimes, her mother would not come home, because she stayed out drinking. Even though her and her mother’s relationship fell off, this did not increase the connection to her father just yet. Sam and her mother soon found out that all of the traveling, was due to an infidelity. After, her mother lost the baby, nearly two years later, the father filed for divorced and remarried. Sam reported that this added to her mother’s depression and severe drinking habit. Sam reported that when her mother drank, she was not herself. Sam reported she began to resent her mother, after she left her and her brother for a week with their uncle. Sam reported that she was sexually assaulted by her uncle repeatedly, when her mother decided to go out on these drinking binges, and venture off. Sam reported that she would lie to her mother, and state…

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