Nikon D5000 Essay

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User's Manual


Where to Find It
Find what you’re looking for from:

i i i i i

The Table of Contents
Find items by function or menu name.

0 vi–xi

The Q&A Index

0 ii–v

Know what you want to do but don’t know the function name? Find it from the “question and answer” index.

The Index
Search by key word.

0 232–234

Error Messages Troubleshooting

0 221–223

If a warning is displayed in the viewfinder or monitor, find the solution here.

0 216–220

Camera behaving unexpectedly? Find the solution here.

A For Your Safety Before using the camera for the first time, read the safety instructions in “For Your Safety” (0 xii). Help Use the camera’s on-board help
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How do I quickly adjust settings for different scenes? Can I frame photos in the monitor? Can I angle the monitor for easier framing? Can I shoot movies? How do I take pictures for printing at large sizes? How can I get more pictures on the memory card? Can I take pictures with a small file size for e-mail? Can I choose how the camera focuses? Can I choose the focus point? Can I change the composition without refocusing? How do I focus on a subject that is not in a focus area? Can I set the flash to fire automatically when needed? How do I avoid “red-eye”? How do I keep the flash from firing? How do I turn off the light on the front of the camera? How do I shoot a series of photos in quick succession? Can I reduce camera noise in quiet surroundings? How do I take pictures with the self-timer? How do I use the optional remote control? What is exposure? How do I “freeze” motion? How do I suggest motion by blurring moving objects? Can I blur the background to bring out a subject? Can I make photos brighter or darker? How do I create “light trails” behind moving objects? How do I preserve details in shadows and highlights? Can I take photos at preset intervals? How do I focus the viewfinder? How do I keep the camera from beeping? Focus mode

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