Nightcrawler : The Surveillance Film Genre Essay

998 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Nightcrawler exemplifies the surveillance film genre. Nightcrawler first exemplifies the surveillance film genre by having someone use equipment to film, listen, or spy on a person or event that is happening. In almost all of the movies or series that I have watched in this class, they all have had something to deal with a set of equipment. Louis Bloom, uses a hand held camera to shoot different crime scenes that he has hunted down to find. We have also seen in Rear Window, The Conversation, and The Wire, they all have someone using either a camera or a wiretap to gain information. Bloom videos events such as a shooting, car crash, and a home invasion. The surveillance genre is known for the use of equipment to find out information that either the viewers wanted to know, or something that the viewers did not know they wanted to see until it happens. It adds suspense to the entire plot and how the film is carried out. Bloom is willing to do anything to gain the shot before anyone else. The films that he shoots are very detailed and well thought. One of the main scenes that shows the usage of the camera equipment is when he showed up to the home invasion and walked into the house himself. He captured the bodies laying on the bed and couch. The movie also shows how the equipment has evolved over time. Bloom first started off using a basic video camera with a small light. Over the course of the movie, he upgraded to a larger camera and also had a microphone connected to it to…

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