Night Speaks Of Killing Sprees And Unjustified Death Essay

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Placed in late 1930s to the mid-1940s at the time of the Holocaust, the entire book, entitled Night speaks of killing sprees and unjustified death. A massacre of innocent people, and deaths of over six-million is a loss of innocence. Not only were these people murdered in cold blood, but the fact that something as horrific as this could happen in the world, no one truly believed that man had become this evil, brought a new form of terror to everyone. The horrifying truth that people could treat others as if they were feral animals.
Seeing the definition of the word innocence gives off the impression that it is only for children, playing hopscotch in a school yard, with missing front teeth and shoes untied because they have not yet acquired that knowledge but adults too can have innocence, it goes hand-in-hand with their amount of optimism. When the Nazis were threatened the Jewish way of life by giving them curfews, making them wear yellow stars, and forcing them to relocate to the ghettos, the less innocent ones foresaw the trouble ahead and left the area under threat, others, not so much, even with all these injustices, some continued to see the glass as half full. “The ghetto was ruled by neither German nor Jew; it was ruled by delusion. (Wiesel 11).” In our society there cannot be a loss of innocence without gain of knowledge. No thinks that bad things will happen to them until they do.
At the beginning of the work, his faith in God is so strong that when asked why…

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