`` Night `` By Elie Wiesel Essay

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In the memoir “Night” Elie Wiesel reflects on his personal odyssey during WWII in the concentration camps. His memory is filled with the anguished cries and horrific images of his friends and family as they waste away in the camps and are extinguished in the Nazi ovens. This “dark journey” is extremely painful and completely traumatic. “Night” begins with the experiences of Elie as a young boy. This young boy’s story is a journey through hell, as he is taken first to a ghetto, and then to Auschwitz and Buchenwald. It is also a story of pure “survival” (Avni 1). Elie is most certainly a survivor. “Night” is Elie’s individual account of his personal experience, however it speaks volumes for ALL Jewish and war prisoners. In his memoir, “Night” Elie deftly displays the dark process of dehumanization. A process which slowly drains the pride, will and humanity from the innocent droves of Jewish people, which ultimately results in their utter despair and untimely deaths. Thus, vital, innocent human beings were transformed into mere shadows of their former selves and in too many cases, faceless corpses.

For example, before the Jewish people even arrived at the concentration camps, they were physically and emotionally dehumanized by being stripped of all their possessions and belongings. While still at their homes in the ghettos, the Jewish people are already experiencing glimpses into the impending horrors of concentration camps by being forced to give up all of…

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