`` Night `` By Elie Weisel Essays

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History is filled with famous individuals some that made their voices heard and others that influence people to believe in them. There are the individuals that are self-reluctant and guide themselves as leaders whom goals are to create a better society. By choosing this position to take on a cause bigger than yourself, you prove yourself sufficient to take on the world. No matter how big the problem withstands there are grounds for justice. In the novel “ Night” written by Elie Weisel, There was uproar of injustice going on. People were treated as a whole in mass, they were told to dress and moved into concentration camps. This was an experience told by the witness himself Elie Weisel. Elie Weisel a patriot to humanity by displaying great works of literature and his bearing acts to kindness to society. Elie Weisel was born in Sighet, Transylvania that is now named the Kingdom of Romania. Weisel spent his early ages in the Carpathian Mountains with his parents. His mother who was named Sarah Feig and father Shlomo Weisel. Weisel grew up in a household of six, in addition to his parents; he had three sisters Hilda, Beatrice and Tzipora. Weisel was a son of humanities because of his father who instilled the values in him childhood. His mother Sarah promoted faith throughout their household. In addition to speaking Yiddish Weisel also learned to speak and read Hebrew. Throughout the tragic era of the Holocaust Weisel and his sisters Beatrice and Hilda was reunited in the…

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