Nicolle Essman's Case

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Nicolle Essman filed a complaint against Dr. George Dowell Jr. alleging sexual misconduct. Located in the master file of this case is Essman’s written complaint, Dowell’s written statement and notes from Essman’s office visit.

On May 4, 2015, I met with Nicolle Essman regarding the complaint filed. Essman agreed to the interview.

Essman stated approximately thirty years earlier, when she was between the ages of five and seven, she was a patient of Dr. Dowell’s. Essman stated her father owned the building where Dowell’s office was, and her mother also ran a daycare there. Essman’s father took her to see Dr. Dowell for psychiatric care following her parents’ divorce. Essman could not recall how many visits she had with Dowell, or how long
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Essman went on to state that on August 3, 2014; she attempted suicide by jumping off of the Highway 364 overpass in Maryland Heights, MO. Essman stated she suffers from bi-polar disorder and recently post partum depression. Essman jumped off the bridge, landed in the river and was found by fisherman and taken to Christian Northeast Hospital in St. Louis. Essman stated she suffered fractured vertebrae, and was given Norco for pain. Essman stopped taking the pain medication because it made her feel tired. Once she stopped taking the pain medication she became stressed taking care of her two small children, and being in a lot of pain, coupled with her psychiatric …show more content…
Dhalfadir stated he did not think that had occurred, however, he did not know Essman back then.

Interview with Dr. George H. Dowell, Jr., 11477 Olde Cabin Rd., Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63141 314-567-5000

On June 5, 2015, I met with Dr. Dowell Jr. at his office in reference to the complaint file by Nicolle Essman. Dowell stated he saw Essman one time in March 2015, when he primary Ppsychiatrist, Dr. Kreisman was out of town. I gave Dowell a copy of Essman’s complaint, and informed him that she alleged he sexually abused her when she was a child. Dowell stated he has never seen pediatric patients, and never had an office location at Lackland and Midland.

Dowell further stated that he spent a huge amount of time with Essman and her husband during her office visit in March 2015, and that he suggested she be hospitalized because she was very psychotic. He also stated that she accused her mother of years of abuse. Essman also called the office several times a day yelling at the staff about wanting to have an appointment.

Dowell provided his notes from the office visit, which are attached to this

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