Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing, By Ted Conover

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Register to read the introduction… Dwayne Betts didn’t have sheet, mattress, and a long enough blanket. He wasn’t given a shower for weeks. “Living in a puddle of piss and sleeping on cold concrete” (Betts 2009:15). No phone call. All this happen the first week of incarceration. After he sees two nurses was when they give him a mattress and his first shower. “We were treated like dogs you put out in the morning to piss and shit on the lawn” (Betts 2009:30). “The room was so tiny that both of us couldn’t rightly stand at the same time” (Betts 2009:31). In this book the viewpoints of guards were not represented, nether the others prisoners. In Fairfax County jail most of the staffs were white, just one deputy was black (Betts 2009:25). Also it seen that the officers didn’t really much interaction with the inmates. Betts explain how no one told him much about his sentencing in prison only the lawyer he …show more content…
Dwayne Betts was interesting, it was a good book. I found that it had the sense of literature. Also the book had poems in it which give an expression a poetic twisted. The poems were good and inspiring. Yet I feel that the book didn’t give enough details about inmates and the staff in the correctional system. It was more of Dwayne Betts experiences in a literature sense of ways.
The book “NewJack: Guarding Sing Sing” by Ted Conover is about the inside of a guard in the prison system; more specific Sing Sing prison in New York. Ted Conover was raised in Colorado and lives in New York. Conover is a journalist and he has written other books. His writing has being recognized by The New York Time, The New Yorker and other. Newjack are novice officer “who barely knew what he was doing” (Conover 2000:10). Before Conover became a Sing Sing guard he had to go through training. Training was just like joining the army, he had to indorse the chemical agent aka tear gas. In this book Conover explain how disorganized the prison was, how the inmates knew every new personal because of the lack interest of other co-workers to do thing
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"Is never openly discussed by guards, the hope that prisons might do some good for the people in them, that human lives can be fixed instead of thrown away, that there's more to be done than locking doors and knocking heads, that the 'care' in care, custody, and control might amount to something beyond calling the ER when an inmate is bleeding from a shank wound" (Conover 2000:209). The information from this book can be compare to my readings in many ways, yet I will only discuss a couple. Officer code played a factor in this book by Ted Conover they aid each other, they didn’t rat on officers. Yet the inmates knew when an officer was a “white hat,” in the book they referred to them as newjack. Most of the guards were turnkey; they had little contact with inmates. Lastly, one guard told Ted Conover to live at work the problem at work and not bring it home with him. In class we talked about how officer go home with the problems of the job, which is not healthy for them and their

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