New York State Essay

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There are over 62 counties in New York State, through this study, we will look through the four of New York counties and analyze the population growth and the growth or decline of each county. The four counties that selected were Albany, New York, Kings, and Erie County. Each county has its unique aspects, from analyzing the CTPP data; we can look closely at the growth. This exercise we would be using the CTPP websites and download profile spreadsheets for four New York State counties using the interface tool. From this spreadsheet, we would be comparing the social demographic characteristics, travel behaviors, and etc. for the population of the counties.
Albany, New York is the capital of New York State. Albany County was formerly a trading post that was established by the Europeans. In 1797, Albany became the state capital. The opening of Erie Canal quickly turns Albany to a thriving shipping port. The city became the center of transportation because of its geographical factors, Albany is located north end of the Hudson River, east end of the Erie Canal, and was one of the earliest pioneers for the railroad systems, the city has been rapid development of industry and commerce.
The population of Albany County, there were increase of population in the county from 294, 565 to 304,204 people. Looking at the composition of age group (65 and over) has decreased over the ten years from 14.60 in 2000 to 13.9 in 2010. The percentage of person in poverty increased by 2.0 since…

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