Essay New York Is The Stop And Frisk Program

1249 Words Nov 21st, 2015 5 Pages
Karla Velasquez
Professor Perring
PHL 1060
One of the most controversial debates in New York is the Stop and Frisk program. Stop and frisk is the practice by which a police officer initiates a stop of an individual on the street allegedly based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Stop and frisk allows officers in New York City to stop civilians walking and search them for any illegal contraband that could potentially result in a crime. These searches are often unsuccessful in catching criminals, but others believe it is a successful tactic and preventing potential crime; this sparks a large amount of controversy. I believe The New York Police Department should not continue the stop-and-frisk program due to that fact that it violates the people’s 4th Amendment rights as well as increasing the public’s animosity towards police
According to, Commissioner Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD attempt to convey the message that stopping and searching minority youth somehow thwarts crime -- nothing could be further from the truth. As the NYCLU recently highlighted, even the police department 's own reports prove that the policy of 'stop & frisk ' yields absolutely nothing a majority of the time. In 2011, out of the 685, 724 people stopped by police, 88% were innocent, and in 2012 so far, 89% of those stopped have been found to be completely innocent. Minorities are the main target of the stop-and-frisk program. Racial profiling is…

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