New York City District 75 Transportation Service Essay

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New York City District 75 Transportation Service

Tricia A. Isaac

Stony Brook University
CEQ 571-SECS30
Dr. Gary Schomburg
March 28, 2013

New York City Special Education Department, District 75, by law is required to provide transportation services to its special needs population. According to New York State Education Law 3635 states, “ In lieu of the transportation provided pursuant to the foregoing provisions of this subdivision, a board of education may, at its discretion, provide transportation to any child attending grades kindergarten through eight between the school such child legally attends and before-and/or-after-school child care locations. Students identified as having disabilities in accordance with Individuals
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The stakeholders with key responsibilities in the mobility of students with disabilities are the Office of Pupil Transportation, District 75, the school’s Special Education Committees, the bus companies, drivers, escorts, schools, parents, and children.
Transportation Services
Based on a student’s IEP and functioning ability there are two types of transportation provided to students with disabilities: Door to door bussing (yellow bus) or Metro Card for public transportation. Students who receive door to door busing are picked up and dropped off at a designated address daily and students with metro card services receive a metro card daily and travels independently on public transportation. Students with severe behavioral issues on the school bus are assigned a transportation paraprofessional. The transportation paraprofessional’s salary is compensated to ride the school us with the student to and from school to monitor and control the student’s behavior on the bus. The student is not allowed on the bus without the paraprofessional, since it could be a safety hazard. Not all students are assigned a transportation paraprofessional however, according to the IDEA students who receive allocation of an IEP mandated transportation paraprofessional at any given time during the school year, will receive such service. If there is no

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