Essay on New York City And Housing Policy

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New York City has been a long developer in the housing policy. The nation’s first tenement laws, comprehensive zoning ordinance and public housing was first created in New York City. The city’s capital expenditures for housing cost more then three times the housing expenditures of the next 32 largest cities combined during the late 1980s and 1990s. The city 's housing agency, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, very quickly became the second largest landlord in the city. City officials were under pressure to provide housing to homeless individuals and families as a result of both public criticism and a highly-publicized lawsuit that was settled in 1981 through a consent decree in which New York City agreed to provide shelter to any homeless man who met the need standard. In response, in 1985, Mayor Koch announced what would come to be known as the city 's Ten Year Plan for Housing. According to estimates from the city 's Independent Budget Office, the bulk of funds spent on the Plan came from city sources. The chief purpose of the program was clearly to address the shortage of affordable housing in the city. The largest program was the New Homes Program of the New York City Housing Partnership, a public-private 4 partnership formed to increase and improve the affordable housing stock in the city. In some of these neighborhoods, over a third of the housing units had received some form of city housing assistance by 2003. An analysis of approximate costs and…

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