New Water Reservoir For Nelson City Essay

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6. Discussion
6.1. Background
6.1.1. Site description
The proposed new water reservoir for Nelson City following The Brook Stream will start from the driveway of 570-588 Brook Street (41.3065oS 173.2921oE) through to an impediment at the intersection on The Brook Stream and The Brook Stream Tributary, which follows Tantragee Road (14.2929oS 173.2964oE) (see fig. 2 and 3). This impoundment will result in a water level rise of The Brook Stream by 100 meters beyond the existing river bank. The area was historically the outflow of Nelson’s original water reservoir, which was officially decommissioned in 2000, as a result of this the stream is primarily channelized and has been predominantly urbanised. Inanga and giant kokopu have been recorded in the lower reaches of Nelson’s waterways, banded kokopu in the middle, and koaro in the upper reaches; primarily the upper Brook Stream (Doehring & McIntosh, 2008). Longfin eels appear relatively wide spread in the area, whereas, Shortfin eels are less common but have been recorded in the middle reaches of the Brook Stream. Bully species have also been recorded in The Brook Stream (Doehring & McIntosh, 2008). Other than residential houses there are no commercial or industrial properties, and the land use is predominantly residential with scrub bordering the valley, patches of pine plantations, and minimal native bush (see fig. 5).
6.1.2. Purpose of the EIA
An EIA is a methodical process used to recognise, calculate and appraise the…

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