New Laws And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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Along with having to cope with the disturbance of not having a stable government to control and rely on that came with Salutary Neglect from Britain, the colonies then had to deal with the new laws and the taxes that were eventually put in place starting in the mid eighteenth century that restricted much of what they had free control over beforehand. Starting in the 1750s, the colonies were located along the coast (Doc 7) of the United States. Because of their location, it enabled them to gain power, and eventually grow to gain more money that would lead them to have enough to grow big enough to break away from the Crown, because the ocean ports allowed for easier trade with the different countries. As time went on however, the British government started to see how powerful the colonists were growing because of trade, and because of this growing power, England started to enforce new laws in fear of the colonies growing too powerful and losing complete control over them. Laws were passed such as the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, the Stamp Act, Tea Act, and many more that restricted as well as taxed a lot of free goods that had been available to the colonists before. Since the colonists had been so used to the freedom that was Salutary Neglect, all of these acts that suddenly caged up and constricted the colonists which in turn made the colonists grow angry and fearful. The colonists objected greatly to these new laws, and as a result started to revolt against them.…

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