New Freedom And New Nationalism By Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson

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Register to read the introduction… Roosevelt explained that with more governmental control, there could still be trusts but they would be closely monitored. "New Freedom" had a contradictory view on the subject. Wilson reflect more on if the nation got rid of its trusts there would be no need for more governmental influence on big businesses because there would be no big corporations. I think that the ideas Roosevelt and Wilson discussed are still relevant in today's society. Although our nation has no real monopolies, some large companies seem to take over their industry in some way. Take Wal-mart for example, Wal-mart has become one of the biggest shopping chains in our country. I don't suppose you could find another person who has not purchased an item at Wal-mart in some point of time. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows has become a worldwide known computer industry and has accredited to most of the computers in our

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