Essay on New Data Gives Clearer Picture Of Student Debt

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Newspaper or Periodical
Dynarski, S., (2015, September 10). New Data Gives Clearer Picture of Student Debt. The New York Times. Retrieved from gives-clearer-picture-of-student-debt.html This article published by The New York Times is about the increasing amount of debt incurred by students. It brings up several different statistics such as the combined debt has topped $1.2 trillion. It also brings up the debt from different types college, such as how the selectivity of the college affects how much debt the student will likely incur. It goes on about how the problem has been getting increasingly worse over time. This will help me as moderator to get the class more personally involved in my topic. As they are all students many are likely worried about student debt. These statistics on how debt is getting worse and how that is linked to the economy will get the class interested in what can be done to help the economy. People care more about issues that affect them. This article from The New York Times, a very reputable and well known newspaper. They cite sources used throughout the article such as the National Student Loan Data System. Everything is very credible and can be trusted.
Newspaper or Periodical
Schwartz, N. (2016, January 3). Economists Take Aim at Wealth Inequality. The New York Times. Retrieved from take-aim-at-wealth-inequality.html…

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