Network Solutions And An Ideal System Essay

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Overlap between network solutions system and an ideal system Identified as overlap or similarities between Network Solutions, Inc (NSI) and characteristics of ideal PMS, as outlined by Aguinis (2013) as:
• Strategically congruence, where NSI strategy passed to teams, to individual goals for meeting organizational goals.
• Context congruence, reinforcing cultural change to support forced distribution ratings
• Thoroughness, All senior leaders performance planning, ongoing discussions and updates between managers and employees, annual performance summary
• Meaningfulness, Annual performance summary, development planning and training year-round joint effort for managers and employers, ratings force administrative decisions, improvement plan for non-performing employees
• Identification of effective and ineffective performance, essentially effective and ineffective behaviors identified in ratings of 1 (high achiever), 2 (Meets expectations, requirements of the job) and 3 (decision, improvement plan required)
• -Acceptability and fairness, Design team, senior leaders promoted program involving all in training, talent management and assessing needs not addressed by new system
• Openness, Both managers and employees are responsible for joint year-round preparing for the performance meeting, filling out development planning preparation forms and attending meeting and communicating by exchanging ideas equally
• Standardization, Design team encouraged standardization of the PMS…

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