Network Architecture And A Bus Network Essay example

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To help find out what sort of network architecture to use I have planned what the network may look like. On what is seen in the appendix, the best network architecture to have is a Bus network. This is because F&F are a small business so having a bus network could have many advantages as it is cheap and easy to set up and only requires one cable to run through the communication line.
Although the disadvantage is that if the cable is faulty the whole network goes down, it is still the most apporopriate topology for F&F as they have a small number of computers so processing will be fast. I could have chosen other topologies such as ring network. Also Ring network would not be suitable for F&F as they do not require a server and F&F has a 250 GB hosting space server. It would also be inappropriate to have a ring network topology for F&F as always computers will need to be switched on for the topology to work as it should. However this is not needed as F&F may only want just one computer on at some point which is why I have not chosen it.
I could have also chosen a star network topology for F&F however the star network relies too much on the hub and I have not included that in my architecture because I do not need to broadcast the information to every single client in the network. Also for a small company such as F&F having a star network would be expensive to implement.
For the network to work the best it can it requires many components to be implemented. One of them is a…

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