Netiq Is A Global Enterprise Software Company Based Essay examples

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NetIQ is a global enterprise software company based in Houston, Texas. Currently, it is part of MicroFocus based in Newberry, UK. NetIQ founded in 1995 with initial focus on performance-monitoring. In 2006 NetIQ acquired by Attachmate. In 2011 Attachmate acquired Novell. After acquisition, NetIQ business unit added with identity and security line of products. NetIQ emerged as an identity and security solution provider. In 2014, Attachmate merged with Micro Focus International. Identity and security line of products has become primary deliverables from NetIQ business unit.

NetIQ business unit has gamut of products. This includes Identity and secure management, performance management, data center and virtualization products. All products designed and developed to meet challenging demands of today’s IT environment. NetIQ enables customer to manage and secure the complexity of hybrid environments. NetIQ ensures right people had access to their IT services.

The organizational mission is to deliver superior software products. NetIQ is always being a front runner to mitigate risks. NetIQ provides innovative, secure, faster and high quality solutions for current market needs. Current market needs includes bring your own device, mobile penetration into enterprises, SaaS applications. NetIQ product line enables enterprises to meet compliance regulations. Compliance requirements are high in financials and health sectors.

NetIQ goal is to become a global market leader in…

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