Nestle 's Supply Chain Management Essay

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Executive Summary:

Nestle is a company which provides the food products from farm to fork. Its commitment to provide the food product to end users with high quality and value for money has led it to expand globally. How Nestle was established from a little idea to save a child till how it maintains efficient supply chain tail are discussed in this report. To manage the demand planning, how much important is forecasting and procurement activities are mentioned in detail in the report.

The second section consists of literature review and methodology used to research. To help developing the overall process of supply chain management some recommendations are also reviewed at the end. Lowering the cost by directly contacting the farmers will improve transparency in the supply chain system.

Introduction: Nestle is world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Nestle was founded in 1867 by HENRI NESTLE, a German Pharmacist, in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle mainly deals in chocolates, milk products, coffee, tea, milkmaid, and mineral water. Nestle is run as a decentralized group of companies which foster and rely on organizational learning within the group.

To face difficulties and local issues arising from global economy require Nestle to have vigorous, consistent, and efficient supply chain. This case study explains what the company should do to provide best in class process for managing their demand planning, forecasting, and procurement activities. Thus, the…

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