Nervous Systems : The Nervous System Essay

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I chose to focus on the Nervous System. The Nervous system is made up of the central and peripheral nervous system that are linked with one another to create sensations throughout the body. The Central Nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord, while the Peripheral Nervous system consist of nerves that are enclosed in axon that connect the Central system to the rest of the body. Both the brain and the body can transmit signals from to the other, however, the names differ depending what does the sending. Nerves that send signals from the brain are called motor nerves, while nerves that are sent from the body are called sensory nerves. The Peripheral sends signals to the Central about a sensation that they are currently feeling to then receive a sensation back to help that part of the body how to react to the situation.
From being broken down to the Central and Peripheral System, the Peripheral Nervous System is divided again into two other systems the Autonomic and Somatic Nervous System. The Autonomic System is basically the automatic functions of the body such as digesting, heart beats and breathing. The Somatic System connects the skin and muscle nerves to the brain so that when something affects either, a signal is sent to the brain.
The Peripheral System has nerves all throughout the body. There are 12 pairs of Cranial nerves that make up our expressions, our facial features like our cheeks, lips, and eyelids, forehead and scalp, and even our teeth, gums,…

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