Neoliberalism And The Contemporary Era Essay

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Neoliberalism in the contemporary era, is the key issue bolstering the unequal power relationships and wealth inequality that drives political discontent, which now engulfs the western world. Presently, to comprehend the origins of neoliberalism, the appeal to history must begin with a powerful simplification: colonialism. Colonialism is the subjugation by physical and psychological force of one culture by another through military conquest of territory and caricaturing the relation between the two cultures (Marks, 2002). A dominant perception under the European countries was the belief among Europeans that non-European native people or colonial subjects were “backward” and merely trapped in their tradition, unable to move forward and progress. To reinforce this ideology of European preeminence, the experience of colonial rule encouraged European and non-European culture to compare one another in a framework where Europe had a powerful social-psychological advantage rooted in its missionary and military-industrial apparatus. The comparison in turn was interpreted, (really misinterpreted) as European cultural superiority; enabling European cultures to “take the next step” and view the difference between cultures as “progress,” something the colonizers could impart to their subjects (Marks, 2002).
Under the all encompassing guise of progress, western global colonization, led to another revolutionary understanding, a master narrative about how European economic success is a…

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