Neil Gaiman Analysis

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I felt deeply identified with Neil Gaiman's approach to reading and daydreaming, since I really felt it cleared my mind, relating daydreaming to reading. I never thought about this relationship until today. I consider his article was very touching, since he uses his own experience and memories to illustrate his idea, which I find quite accurate, not only because I have read and discussed about this before, but also because I just felt it was true.

Since I was a child, I was aware that imagination was the path to invention and solution finding. I always have been good in finding solutions and understanding why and how things and machines worked. That is what pushed me to learn to program when I was 12 years old on my old Atari computer, and
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With this new outlook I learned today, I realized that reading is not only important because of that, but crucial to gain new perspectives of viewing the world.

As a father of 3 boys, I encourage them to read, and I suggest them books. Neil Gaiman says "I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad book for children" (2013). I must confess, I have also suggested them not to read something, but I am still not quite sure about supporting his idea and letting them pick any reading. I think that a distinction of age should be done before selecting a book, a sort of censorship, to avoid them getting hurt (or their childhood), considering there are many books with adult content.

With much sadness I must also admit that the author is not mistaken when he says that nowadays people no longer read. I have seen many children being absorbed by TV and video games, and they no longer play nor read nor talk. I have also known people that has not read a book in ages, and some other that have not went out for a coffee in decades. Technology is great, it helps us doing our jobs more efficiently, allows us to live more comfortably, but incorrectly used is terrible. We all should separate time for ourselves and for what and who we care. Like a friend says, technology makes people stupid. If our future is as described in the article and people don't read again,

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