Four Crimes That Affect A Person's Behavior

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There are four neighborhoods that affect your personal outcome are the social cohesion, social control, spatial mismatch, and environmental hazards.

In addition “Where you live profoundly shapes who you are. “I would go as far as to argue that what is truly American is not so much the individual, but neighborhood inequality,” (Robert J.)

Some people may think that neighborhoods may not define who you are, but clearly a neighborhood is defining who you are because how your neighborhood impacts your personality, what the people in your neighborhood do, and how the society acts.

If a neighborhood looks nice it would not be able to impact your personality, but clearly if your neighborhood looks nice it is going to impact your personality when you are growing up to look
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This is important because the people that you look up to can’t always be a good influence on you. When you’re growing up in a neighborhood that is near all of the bad things you may be hanging around those people that are doing the bad things.

In addition “I believe that you are defined with the people you surround yourself with, the way one carries themselves as a person, as well as the experiences that you may have throughout your life (Addie Benson).”

This shows that even though your neighborhood may look bad the people that you chose to be with can really impact who you really are.

This is important because some people think that it is just what the neighborhood looks like it is also the people you chose to hang around.

Your role model may not influence you into doing bad things, but however you may be hanging with the wrong group of people and get influenced into something

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