Negligence Tort Case, Tarasoff V. University Of California Essay

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Negligence occurs when a particular person fails to perform a duty that they are entitled to perform. According to, there are four things that must occur in or-der for a tort to be a negligence tort, “a person must owe a duty or service to the victim in question; the individual who owes the duty must violate the promise or obligation; an injury then must arise because of that specific violation; and the injury causes must have been reasonably foreseeable as a result of the person’s negligent actions. (” The decision in the case, Tarasoff vs. Regents of University of California, demonstrates these four qualifying factors, therefore making it a negligence tort case.
The circumstances surrounding the case Tarasoff v. University of California can be gathered from author of the article “Revisiting Tarasoff” by Romeo Vitelli, Ph.D in Phycology. In 1968 a man named Prosenjit Poddar, a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley, met Tatiana Tarasoff at a folk dancing class. Soon after their ini-tial meeting, Poddar and Tarasoff began dating, yet, the two quarreled about having a relationship and split up, more specifically, Tarasoff rejected Poddar.
Vitelli continues to explain: Poddar began seeking “psychological counseling” from therapist Dr. Lawrence Moore due to his emotional distress, or obsession, over Tarasoff. Poddar revealed to Moore that he intended to kill Tarasoff, although “he never actually named her in the sessions, but identifying…

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