Tort And Negligence Tort

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Tort can be defined as a wrongful action including negligence cases and intentional wrongs which result in harm to another party (Larson, 2003). In a scenario where one party causes harm to the second party, they will have to face losses in compensation for the harm inflicted. Classifications of Tort include intentional, or unintentional negligence.
Some examples of intentional torts include fraud, defamation, offense, insult, assault or interference among others (Larson, 2003). For example, in the workplace, an employer can suffer insults or reputation loss in cases of low quality work resulting from the inefficiency, or wrong doings of an employee.
Negligent Tort refers to the circumstances where an individual is held liable, under law in the case of duty of care to another individual (Hernandez, 2010). This means that, law administrators will hold that person carrying the duty of care, and who is responsible for any harm or damage, or where any
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Besides addressing risks and uncertainties, negligence tort also encompasses a range of causes of legal actions in cases such as personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability grievances (Steenson, 2009).
The topic that is assigned deals with negligent tort; it will cover product subject to recall, product liability in case of a recall, cause and harm to customers and its impact. Besides that it will discuss concepts related to duty of care, the standard of care, breach of the duty of care, actual causation, proximate causation, actual injury, and defenses to negligence (Hernandez, 2010), and finally discuss consumer statute in conjunction with a product

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