Negatives Of Globalization

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Globalization is happening very rapidly throughout our world today compared to what it was like back in the 1900’s. The rapid change of countries becoming more industrialized has sped up the process of globalization in my opinion. The advances in all of these industrialized countries has made it easier to open market connections between countries. The only problem is there is always a positive and negative to things happening in the world. Also, everyone has their own opinion on how things are and whether it benefits them or fits their culture at all. Therefore, globalization has its positives and has it negatives which make people argue against it. The positive reasons for arguing in favor of globalization are as followed. One good example …show more content…
One of the biggest problems with globalization is that countries are taking advantages of poor countries by building plants in their countries so that they can pay the workers less which makes those companies make more money but doesn’t really help that country (Collins, 2015). The reason that is not a good thing is because the country is not being able to have of its own local productions to be able to make money for its country and to help improve it and advance it (W, 2014). Since other countries business are coming in to build their plants in areas that aren’t industrialized yet has made it so the countries they are in cannot be a part of the direct investment. The reason they cannot be a part of it because they are just being used for the cheap labor which every company looks for. This takes the jobs from developed countries because those countries have a higher wage that the workers have to be paid so companies are leaving to poor countries for lower wages (Wild & Wild, 2014). It is not a good thing when companies out sourcing for lower wages which is happening in the United States which means a lot of unemployment since the jobs are going overseas. China had took over 2.4 million jobs from countries because of the low wages (Collins, 2015). All of these jobs were taken from well developed countries which has made people lose their jobs which is a negative affect because of globalization. The multinational corporations are also taking advantage of poor countries by making the working conditions they work in to be unsafe (Collins, 2015). Since the working conditions are unsafe it has caused more injuries to workers because the companies are trying to be cheap as possible on making the product and are getting away with the way things are down in poor countries. The last thing that is not a good thing about multinational corporations is

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