Part 1: Is Perrier Bad For You?

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Is Perrier Bad for You?
Perrier is carbonated bottled mineral water sourced from the Les Bouillens spring in Southern France. Although the water from the spring is already naturally carbonized, carbonic gas is added to it again as it is bottled. Because of the many health benefits this water promises, it became very popular among Americans who wanted to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Perrier soon became a widely-used substitute for soft drinks or cocktails and has gained a reputation for being an all-natural, refreshing, zero-calorie drink.

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Part 1: Is Perrier Bad for You?
There has been no compelling evidence suggesting that Perrier can have negative effects on your health. In fact, it has no calories, dissolved sugar, alcohol, or caffeine content, so it’s as healthy as any drink can get. However, there have been some rumors going
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Bone Strengthening. Mineral water is rich in calcium. This is important because calcium plays a big role in strengthening your bones so that you are not weak and fragile. Calcium is also great for improving muscle performance, especially that of the heart. It even aids in nerve transmission, hormone secretion, and cell signaling. Different brands of mineral water have different calcium levels, with some as much as 348 mg. So is Perrier bad for you? Definitely not if it has 170 mg of magnesium, fulfilling 17% of your recommended daily values.

3. Magnesium. Another mineral that can be found in mineral water is magnesium, which is necessary for protein synthesis, energy production, and muscle and nerve function. It also helps to regulate and maintain blood pressure and sugar levels. Drinking mineral water is a great way to make up for your magnesium deficit, as one liter alone can contain up to 108 mg, or 29% of the recommended daily value. Perrier itself has 6 mg, which equates to about 2% of the daily value.

Part 3: More Healthy Bottled Water You Can Try
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