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Discussion on childhood Autism Every family could be affected by Autism. What is Autism? How many types of Autism may be found in the spectrum? How many families are affected? What are the symptoms? And probably most important, how do people get Autism? And is there a cure? This paper will introduce you to Autism, and more importantly explain to you that shots don’t cause Autism, as many would like you to believe. Autism is a brain disorder that makes it hard for people to communicate and relate to others. When a person has autism the different areas of the brain fail to work together. (Stillman 65); according to an article from Autism Speaks (1) “Autism is a term used to describe a group
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They are Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, CDD, Rett’s Disorder, and PDD-NOS. Autistic Disorder is the big umbrella; the other classifications all fall under that umbrella. Children with Asperger’s may not pick up on social cues, dislike any changes in routine and be unable to recognize or understand jokes; therefore, taking everything literally. Avoid eye contact and be preoccupied with only one or a few interest that they know a lot about. They are very sensitive and can become over stimulated by loud noises, lights or strong taste and texture. (Sabin 18- 29) PDD-NOS also known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified is giving to people who do not fully meet the criteria for autistic disorder, they may have some symptoms which are mild, but none in other key areas.
Today it is estimated that one out of every one hundred and ten children are diagnosed with autism. (Autism Speaks 1). Boys are three to four times more likely to receive a diagnosis of autism than girls. The government statistics indicate that the rate of autism is growing at a rate of ten to seventeen percent
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Every family could become affected by autism. What is Autism? How many types can be found in the spectrum? Is there a cure? And most importantly, what causes autism; shots or something else? You now have to decide for yourself, what do you think is causing autism to continue to affect 1 out of 110 people every day? So, the next time you are out in a shopping mall and speak to a child, and they don’t speak back, or you see a child crying: please remember that “Quiet doesn’t always mean shy. A tantrum doesn’t always mean naughty. AUTISM ---- Would you know it if you saw it?” (Sell 310) Please don’t judge children simply on their behavior, because sometimes they really can’t help it. The lights, the smell, the sounds, the crowds; it truly may be too much for them to handle. We really need to be careful what we

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