Negative Effects Of The Death Penalty

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Law and order is a necessity for human civilization to run efficiently. Without consequences for one’s actions, chaos and crime would be outrageous. There has been countless ways of types of punishment throughout history, whether it be time in prison or a form of corporal punishment. Some argue that the death penalty should be used as a deterrent and is just to use on specific crimes committed. Although, the death penalty is an improper and unfair way of punishment, and could have a negative impact to the economy and people’s lives. The usage of the death penalty is unjust and statistical information has been done to back up this claim. Minority groups are more likely to receive the death penalty than majority groups. Also, money becomes a …show more content…
This will then lead to less money going in to sheltering, feeding, and clothing these criminals. Although, the death penalty has proven to be a more costly form of punishment. This is because the ‘penalty trials and appeals are so length, it can takes years before executions are carried out” (Tierney and Marquis 22). There has been research done and in “North Carolina each execution costs $2.16 million, [and] in Florida [it is] $3.2 million” (Drinan 15). Duke University also did studies and estimated that of the 56 executions in 1995 the cost is around $121 million (Drinan 15). This is great amount of money used to satisfy a group of individuals. These costs have proven to be “far greater than maintaining a prisoner for life” (Drinan …show more content…
There needs to be crimes specified that if committed will result in capital execution. There also needs to be an alternative way in how to handle death row. Death row needs to be corrected so that one does not wait for years until he is exterminated. This process is lengthy and expensive, and until it improves the best option is solitary confinement. One might argue that this punishment is not enough for certain criminals, but it is economically better and can prevent falsely accused from death. People are constantly worried and concerned in how the government is spending their well-earned money, and they after knowing that the death penalty is more expensive than they thought they will lean away of supporting their previous claim. Instead of spending millions of dollars to terminate a criminal in the future, it is almost better to put this money into a place where it can benefit others. The reason this process is so expensive is because of the countless legal appeals. If there is sufficient evidence to prove that these criminals are guilty of what they are accused of, there should not be this everlasting wait for them to be sentenced. People claim that this punishment will be a deterrent to criminals. There is no clear evidence that proves this claim. China is in favor of capital execution, and on “average four persons a day are executed, yet serious crime continues to rise” (Drinan 15). One might

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