Negative Effects Of Teen Curfews

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Everyone has their own opinion on teenage curfews. Some people think that teens need one and some do not think so. Teenage curfews are appearing frequently in most cities. Cities need to influence teens into having a curfew that is best fit for them. Curfews play a positive effect on adolescents. They create a positive contribution to teens because it keeps teenagers safe, helps them stay out of trouble, makes them learn responsibility, helps them to mature faster, and helps parents have a peace of mind. Creating a curfew will be difficult because the parent has to agree and so does the teen. There has to be a reasonable acceptance between both sides. Teens typically tend to have a struggle getting used to their new curfew. Once the teen is adjusted to their new curfew, they tend to break rules. When this happens, the parent need to make a plan on how the curfew could work (Source B). If the teen tends to mess up, just lower their curfew time until they learn from their mistakes. Parents need to make it clear with their teen that if they do not follow the rules, then they will lose their ability to have their own freedom. First, curfews keep teenagers safe. Teens think that night time is a party central, only because they have …show more content…
That is completely normal. Teens do not have to go out every single night. Honestly, when teens think they have the ability to hang out every night, it goes to their head. Half of teenagers with curfews think that they have a right every night to go out and party with their friends. Teenagers who typically tend to go out every night because they have a “curfew” ends up doing bad at school and end up being rude and disrespectful. Before this happens, parents tend to allow teens to go out on Friday’s and the weekends. This is when most teens are ready to go out and have fun. Just remember that teenagers need to focus on school work first, then

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