Agriculture In Mesopotamia

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Since the beginning of human civilization, agriculture has been a driving factor in the development of humankind. Starting with the first major civilization, Mesopotamia created an advanced society based on its agriculture techniques. The Mesopotamians developed many important farming techniques that allowed their society to strive. One of these techniques developed was the wooden plow. This was an environmentally friendly technique that allowed the Mesopotamians to grow various crops helping their civilization and not harming the environment. Agricultural techniques have greatly developed since the time of the Mesopotamians and these new techniques have began to drastically harm the planet. The most common use of farming in today’s society is Industrial Agriculture. This is a style of farming that includes many methods that produce mass production of crops but ultimately harms the environment. Farming is a very important part of our society and has been for thousands of years. Therefore we need to change our methods before we turn the purist food source into one that eventually plays a role in the destruction of our planet.

Background on Industrial Agriculture Industrial Agriculture is a large scale
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Crop rotation is the idea of systematically planting different crops on a year to year basis. This would counteract the problems caused by monocropping. Crop rotation is an easy solution for the problems created by monocropping. Crop rotation is beneficial because it “manage(s) soil fertility and also help(s) avoid or reduce(s) problems with soil borne diseases and some soil-dwelling insects”. Crop rotation is beneficial not only for the farmer of their large scale industry but also for the environment. It helps the farmer because they are able to grow various different crops that they can sell and it replenishes their soil disease free soil without the use of harmful

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