Summary: A Change Is Needed To End Obesity

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A Change is Needed to End Obesity Bad food is causing health issues on many people, especially on younger generation what will be of our future. We were raised with junk food being fast and affordable. This is affecting many people, but it has been in a rise in 18-26 year old’s. It wasn 't always like this in the 70s there was less restaurants as well as less technology, that 's why it wasn 't as common as today. With advertising and other technological tricks that companies use to lure customers to eat what they produce, it 's easy to fall into their tricks especially if u work, have kids, or lack the money to get a healthy meal. Junk food has impacted us dramatically for good or bad, but then the question is left who is to blame for …show more content…
A possible solution that can help reduce the epidemic of obesity is educating the people on how to eat healthy and the risk junk food has on our health. Many people know that eating junk food is bad, but they don 't know everything they should which may change the way they eat. The problem affects our current 18-26 year old’s, but we can help the minors with this problem so they won 't be as unhealthy. To educate we can have schools take time to show the kids what is right and wrong and how to live a healthy life. The generation that is the one most affected 18-26 year old’s still need to be educated it doesn 't matter that they are adults they still need help. We can 't let the adults alone when they need our help, no one should be left alone to suffer their obesity problem especially if we can help them become a better healthier person. It 's important for us to make a change to help the younger generation be healthy, and help ourselves in the …show more content…
Cost is an important factor salads are more expensive than a burger from any place, why is it so expensive because it uses more fruits and vegetable that aren 't likely to have as much sugar as any other item in the menu. Also we need to make sure that if we offer healthy foods that they are as fresh as possible, to guarantee its healthy nutrition. The companies have spent lot of money advertising their products, why not do the same for healthy foods to get more people to choose healthy over junk food that causes obesity. Promoting the healthy and unhealthy will still benefit the companies, however it would benefit the customers too. Having more education on what we eat and how much to it will help us and if the prices of healthy food was cheaper and had more options it would make a dramatic change hopefully lowering the percentage of obese people in

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