Essay on Nazi Hatred And The Holocaust

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The question of the Nazi hatred for the Jewish man has been longstanding – since the Holocaust began, in fact. Although early on, the finger could easily be manipulated to point at Jews for spiraling economic conditions in Germany; as the mid-1940s drew nearer, the motives became murkier. Adolf Hitler’s rise to power can be largely attributed to the economic successes he experienced as Germany’s Chancellor. More directly related to the topic, Hitler’s rise to power came from an endless amount of mudslinging – particularly to Jewish civilians in Germany. Despite the focus on Nazi antisemitism, this is not the first case of hatred for the Jewish people – just the most infamous. Although a particular reason cannot be pin-pointed, Nazi hatred of Jews likely stemmed from a failing German economy and transformed into hatred without a clear-cut reason. Nazi antisemitism is intriguing because unlike most antisemitism taking place before Hitler’s rise to power, Nazi hatred is not strictly from a theological perspective. Prior to Hitler’s rise to power and the Holocaust, antisemitism was primarily based on a religious disagreement. Be that disagreement that Jews were the people who killed Jesus or the question of Jesus’ religion – Jews claim He was Jewish (an obvious point of disagreement amongst religious sects). Some anti-Semitic camps believe that Judaism holds a desire to take over the world. Others believe that Jews hold a belief that the rest of society is below them, since…

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