Nazi Germany And The Nazi War Essay

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When Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany on 1 September on 1939, the Polish population had no idea of the horrific plans the Nazi’s had for them. Upon invasion, the Polish army fought hard to defend the homeland, however they received little support from their Allies. Being greatly outnumbered by Nazi forces and were defeated on 6 October 1939. Within a month of German occupation Poland began to become heavily segregated. Many Poles were exiled from their homes so that German soldiers had a place to stay. In as early as October Jewish citizens were forced to perform hard labour to repair the damage done during the invasion. Non-Jewish Poles were also eventually subject to forced labour as well. However, the Nazi began identifying the worker by religious belief and ethnic background requiring that all Jewish citizens be identified by wearing a white patch with a blue Star of David on it. After a year of the Nazi’s continuously implementing laws against the Jewish population the Warsaw ghetto is built complete in October of 1940. Complete with a three-metre height wall with a barbed wire top. Guards were also given authority to kill any people attempting to escape. The move into the ghetto could be difficult for the people who had relationships with non- Jewish citizens. These people were forced to separate with limited communication. As time went on rules about communication to the outside became very restricted, cutting off communication with residents on the other side.…

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