Naval Technology Has Evolved At A Rapid Pace Essay

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Naval technology has evolved at a rapid pace. In this essay we will compare the difference in tactics and technology utilized by navies in history. To effectively determine the changes we will be evaluating two of the most famous and important battles in history. The battle of Trafalgar (1805) and the Battle of Midway (1942). Both of these battles are of significant importance to their respective navies histories are also characterised as events which changed the course of a war. The battle of trafalgar effectively saved endured that an invasion of the British Mainland would not take place. Similarly the battle of midway is categorized as the battle which ended japanese aggression in the region- subjecting the japanese navy to a primary defensive role from 1942 onward. In addition to having legendary figures such as Lord Nelson and Admiral Halsey, the tactics employed at each battle are truly stunning. Both of these men chose strategies that were unheard of at the time (not using standard formations and a reliance on airpower). Yet despite the difference in tactics and technology used the quintessential component that enabled victory was understanding the power of communication.

In 1805 Lord Nelson whilst commanding the british armada at Trafalgar did not have to glance up into the sky. This is because the first aeroplane took flight almost 100 years later. Rather Lords Nelson powerful broadsides and daring melee engagements. During the battle of Trafalgar…

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