Nature Vs. Nurture : What Defines Human Behavior Nurture Or Nature?

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Liliana Aguirre
Mrs. Stanford
English 12
September 10, 2015 Nature vs. Nurture The question whether nature or nurture determines the behavioral human traits remains to be one of the world 's most controversial questions. Many studies have been made yet there is no real answer. The reason for this is; the brain is the command center, the temple in which our conscience resides remains enigmatic to this day to scholars and simple men. The brain learns, and it adapts. Because of this human behavior is an intriguing subject many psychologists have failed to interpret. Every human being is different and unpredictable making it difficult to have a clear result. In order to better understand human behavior, psychologists use three main areas of human behavior, these are: self behavior, social identity, and sexuality. By better understanding those three areas, researchers hope to answer the question: What defines human behavior nurture or nature? In 1920, psychologist John Watson performed many experiments in which he observed how young infants reacted to different conditions. Watson hypothesized that every human is born with three basic emotions: fear, love, and rage. He further stated that these reactions aren 't taught, they require no practice or knowledge and are performed unconsciously. Watson studied by observation and concluded that behavior changes by knowledge gained from previous…

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