Nature Vs Nurture : Nature Versus Nurture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture "Nature versus Nurture" is one of the oldest argument of all time in history and it still continues until now. Beckett (2002) defined the nature as qualities and characteristics which are transmitted to humans directly from parents through genetics. While, nurture could be explained as "all external factors surrounding human beings from birth to death" (Beckett 2002). Wherefore, scientists confirm that the factors which influence human behavior are subdivided into three aspects. Firstly, genes are responsible for human behavior, secondly, environment is responsible for human behavior, thirdly, interaction between genes and environmental factors that determine human 's behavior. The objective of this essay is to argue that a behavior is affected by interaction among nature and nurture through focusing on role of genetics, environment and the interaction between them on human behavior.
In principle, nature is first aspect which affects human behavior through genetics. In other words, genetics play a role in determining the human behavior and trends. Thus, the genes are the basis for all the qualities and characteristic that children might inherit from parents. Studies have proved that there are chemical materials in the brain responsible for behavioral patterns and tendencies of human character. For example, it has influence on human intelligence, neural injury and organic diseases such as anxiety and depression. Jones (n.d) points out that there is a…

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