Nature Vs Nurture In Mary Shelley's Young Frankenstein

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Nature vs nurture is a concept that plays a major role throughout Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, and the film adaptations Young Frankenstein directed by Mel Brooks, and Frankenstein directed by James Whale. Nature and nurture are present in the novel and films, but the novel takes a more balanced approach even though nurture is more prevalent, whereas Whale’s Frankenstein has more of a focus on nature than nurture while Brook’s Young Frankenstein focuses more on nurture than nature. First, nature will be examined in the novel, and films and then nurture will be examined, before finally a comparing the significance of nature vs nurture side by side.
First, Mary Shelley application of nature focuses on the creature’s unnatural creation,
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The night of Henry Frankenstein’s greatest achievement, and worst nightmare Elizabeth, Victor, and Dr. Waldman bear witness to the unnatural creation of the creature. Frankenstein is called “inhuman” and “crazy” for his experiments, and once the creature is alive he breaks down repeatedly screaming “it’s alive” and moves around erratically. The creature’s body and organs are an abomination as well as Henry went scavenging for parts wherever he could get them such as when he cut the man down that had been hanged and he dug up the grave. The brain is one part that is specifically focused on as the jar that the assist steals from the university is labeled “abnormal”. The different body parts and internal organs, the inhuman experiment, and Henry being slightly crazy while working causes the entire process to be unnatural. Society instantly treats the creature as a monster based on his appearance without giving the creature a chance when they bully and provoke him while he is locked up. Eventually the creature breaks free and kills someone which led to a mob chasing him with a torch and burning down the windmill that he is …show more content…
There is no background on why Henry wants to create life it just shows him working on his experiment. When the monster initially awakens it’s innocent, but when it gets spooked by Fritz entering the laboratory with a flaming torch Frankenstein and Waldman mistake this as him trying to attack and chain him up. Seeing this as sign that it’s not fit for society the creature resorts to wreaking havoc at any

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