Nature Vs Nurture Gender Roles

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Register to read the introduction… Since the day we are born we are branded with a label, whether it is male or female and are required to act accordingly to that title. With nurture, it is our surrounding that both physically and socially shapes us; it can be parents, teachers or peers. As an infant, one is automatically treated different. Infants are dressed a certain way; boys in blue and girls in pink. By 18 months infants establish gender identity and are able to differentiate between male and female. As a child, one is bombarded with social stereotypical ideas. For example, boys are encouraged to play with trucks, cars and, GI Joes and girls are to play with dolls and do dainty things. Also toy stores color code areas designated for male and females; thus, making it pronounced that one should act a certain way. All in all, society continues to form ones behavior throughout their life whether it is through their jobs, education, friends or family. To sum up, though there are many theories about what it is that determines our gender, it is both nature and nurture that play hand in hand to shape ones identity. Nature determines an individual’s sex, but nurture makes one predisposed to change according to the environment that there are exposed to. It is not a matter of arguing which one forms one’s behavior and identity, but to acknowledge that it is a coalescence of nature and

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