Nature Vs. Nurture : Character Motive And Personality Essay

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When one writes, there is always a reason to why they have chosen their plot, use of diction and much more. Other factors of someone’s writing could be influenced by their environment or just their natural personality. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses the topic of nature vs. nurture to reveal character motive and personality

Huckleberry Finn’s upbringing changed how he perceives the world and responds to his surrounding. Having an abusive and absent father made Huck cope with relying on few people and being emotionally removed from others. When Pap would “lay drunk with the hogs in the tanyard”, it didn’t really give Huck a chance to have any connection to his family (Twain 8). He found a friend in Tom Sawyer, but as you go along in the story, you can see that he is not good for Huck. Tom is one of the few major interactions that he has and shows a connection to. Another person Huck shows a connection to in the book is Jim, the Widow’s slave. At the beginning of the story you can see that Huck does not really think of him as a person until they set off on their journey. Society would heavily frown upon them being together since “one uv ‘em is white en shiny, en t’other one is black,” (Twain 19). Going along with the journey is Huck’s first true act of rebellion towards breaking away from society. With the act of not succumbing to society he had “consid-able trouble in life, en considable joy,” (Twain 19). Huck spread this astonishing amount of joy and…

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