Potential In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a story of human potential and how it remains unaffected even if on the outside you look a bit odd. Frankenstein creates and creature and immediately runs away from it and it turns into a monster. On the inside, the creature is the same as everyone else, he does not start as a monster. Frankenstein could be construed as a bit of a monster for pouring all his effort into creating new life and then immediately abandoning it to the cruel world completely unprepared. When looked at from an outside perspective it is completely rational that the creature was hardened by the world and became a monster. Being a large, unsightly being in a world where humans fear the unknown and different already guarantees a hard life. When adding …show more content…
The creature could not find the companionship and love he wanted in humans, so he turns to Frankenstein to make him a companion. When Frankenstein says no, this breaks the last thread of the monster’s humanity and he becomes increasingly evil. He truly becomes a monster, wanting to destroy every facet of Frankenstein’s life that brings him happiness and then destroy Frankenstein himself. The monster kills Frankenstein’s brother, best friend, and wife which completely destroys Frankenstein’s life. The monster says that he hates himself for all of the horrible atrocities he has committed, but rationalizes it with the belief that he had no other choice. Without easy friendship or happiness to be found, the monster succumbs to the belief that none could possibly exist. Seemingly faced with a life without happiness, the only course of action he let himself see was to make his creator feel how his life was. He tells Robert that, “He sought his own enjoyment in feelings and passions from the indulgence of which I was for ever barred, then impotent envy and bitter indignation filled me with an insatiable thirst for vengeance.” The monster was so blinded by anger and jealousy that his creator could experience love while he was denied it that he decided he must destroy the source of said …show more content…
The only thing that changed inside of the creature to become the monster; was his world view. The creature believed that if he tried hard enough he could find companionship to make his life better. The monster stopped believing that this was possible; and believed instead that he could never find happiness in the world. This shift is what caused him to start acting like an evil monster. When he let everyone else’s belief that he was what he looked like become internal, then he started acting like a monster. The creature did not suddenly undergo some metamorphosis to become some evil creature, he just let himself believe that he was. He retains the same ability for love and happiness, he has just turned away from them to act on his ability to destroy. Destroying things in life is much easier than making new things. When the creature’s life is examined, many causes can be found to shed some light on why this change occurs. From the beginning, the creature wants the same thing as a normal human. He wants friends, love, and a feeling of acceptance in society. His creator is the first to deny him of this, which could be seen as the worst crime. Frankenstein expended the time and effort to make his creature and when he saw what a monster his creation appeared to be, he immediately abandoned

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