Natural Law Theory Vs Liberal Approach Essay

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The moral argument for liberal theorists is that people have a duty to natural law, and natural law is the moral law. As human beings, nature gives us the rights of freedom and equality, and it is through moral behavior that these rights are protected. The moral and amoral behavior found through reason is the foundation of law. Through government these rights are protected, but if these natural rights are to be violated, people can choose to leave or alter the government. “Right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,”(The Declaration of Independence)
Both liberal and conservative approaches to natural law theory agree that government acts on the foundation of morality, and that government exists to protect
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I believe that humans are rational beings, and are born with the rights of equality, and freedom. Every person through nature is given the opportunity to self-preserve and lead happy lives. Government exists to protect these rights, not take them away. I believe that conservatives approach to irrational human behavior creates a government that could be suppressing, and possible tyrannical. It is through conservatives emphasis of power that I find negative because it is through this emphasis of power that humans natural right of liberty is taken …show more content…
I agree with the liberals understanding of what the state of nature is, freedom and equality, and the purpose of government. For conservatives the purpose of government seems too negative because of its emphasis on power over liberty. For liberals the purpose of government is to protect our rights of liberty and equality, and through government these rights can be expanded, and are allowed to change according to the times. The liberal approach is more adaptable, and being part of a species that is known for evolving in many ways, adaptability is important in order to survive. And survival is our most important natural right, and through the liberal approach I believe that right is best

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