Natural Disasters And Its Effects Essay

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Natural disasters can be devastating and have the ability to impact many; 324 is the number of natural disasters, 7,823 is the number of lives that the natural disasters claimed, and 140.8 million is the number of individuals that fail victim to natural disasters, all in 2014 across the globe (Guha-Sapir, Hoyois, & Below, 2015). Natural disasters occur essentially due to quick changes in the earth and environment yielding tremendous amounts of devastation among life and resources within it, such as tsunami’s, floods, tornados, earthquakes, etc. which can happen anywhere in the world. Although true, many of these natural disasters might be more susceptible to certain areas, that doesn’t mean that these disasters limit themselves to only the United States or only another country on the other side of the globe. Since natural disasters are essentially globalized it can project devastation on many different cultures that will bring about many different ideologies of what individuals may deem more important or value more from a cultural background. These various values and human nature orientations may be utilized to help identify the direction to move in and the allotment of resources to help in the recovery, when tragedy strikes.
In an effort to give meaning to this, the textbook Communication between cultures 8e, 8th Edition provides Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck’s insight regarding orientations as, “These “orientations,” or patterns, inform members of a culture what is important…

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