Natural Capital Is The World 's Input Of Natural Assets Essay example

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Natural Capital is the world’s input of natural assets which include soil, air, water and all living things. It is from this system that humans are able to obtain as well as make possible a wide variety of services. The emergence of this concept in recent decades reflects the fact that environmental systems are key in determining a country 's economic output and social well-being. Natural capital has several categories from which we benefit from such as renewable, nonrenewable, cultivated and human. It is for this reason that we will explore the types, functions, and policies that will protect these categories as well as help build a long term sustainable economy.
Types of Natural Capital
As mentioned above natural capital is the total remaining and untouched existence of global resources from both the four elements and all biological systems. There are 4 different types of categories that fall under natural capital which are renewable, non-renewable, cultivated and human capital. An example of a renewable natural capital is a source which regenerates itself at a sustainable rate such as animal waste to produce energy or the harvesting of solar energy; both of these sources are essentially unlimited but must not be overused as to not destroy the flow of the goods it provides us with. In addition, we also have non-renewable natural capital such as coal, natural gas or crude oil. The rate of usage of this form of capital depends on us as humans because there is a limited…

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