Essay about Nato A Nuclear War Exercise

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During the year of 1983, NATO implemented a nuclear war exercise. This caused fear in the Soviet Union. The U.S.S.R. believed that NATO implemented this exercise to prepare for a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. As a response to this action and assumption the Soviet union was preparing for a counterattack. At this time the leader of the Soviet Union, Andropov, orders for the country to be ready for nuclear war. Not only was their country warned, but also other Warsaw Pact countries. This leads to fear across countries within the Soviet sphere of influence. When Reagan had thought this was a joke and had not taken these warnings seriously. When he had realized that it was not a joke he informed the Soviet Union that the exercise was not in preparation for war against the Soviet Union and that it was simply an exercise. The war and yet again gotten close to nuclear war. It is because of this that Reagan saw the importance of communication and how with miscommunication problems could occur. When Gorbachev came to power, Reagan approached things differently.

I believed that because of these events during Reagan’s term as president, that when Gorbachev had come to office that Reagan found a need to start negotiations with him and the U.S.S.R. The letter in which Reagan had written to Gorbachev, Reagan stated, “ I would like to take this opportunity to underscore my hope that we can in the months and years ahead develop a more stable and constructive relationship…

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