Essay about Native Speaker By Chang Rae Lee

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In the book Native Speaker by Chang Rae Lee. There are many characters, but the main characters is Henry. He is the son of the Korean Immigrants. He was born in the United States, he has never felt completely American, and he has never felt completely Korean. He have very difficulties with languages. He is not fluent in english, and not even in his own language Korean. He is married to An American lady called named Leila. Lelia is a horrible wife. How ever many people think that Leila is good, but I believe that is evil. Henry struggles with issues of personal identify at a time when he is having difficulty in his career and in his marriage. Henry really work hard to be a great person, great son, and great husband. so Firstly, I believe he is a great person. It is so an amenable and deferential person. He had many responsibilities. I feel that he did his every responsibilities perfectly. He was the son of an immigrant family, husband of a totally American thinking wife Leila, father of Mitt, and employee of an underground private detective agency. However, his father is not nice person but he loves his father so much, he did all the responsibilities of the a son. As I said, Leila was an evil wife. She loves herself she had different kind of thinking about Immigrant. Mitt was Henry’s and Leila son who died when he was seven years old. Mitt died because of after they went to Henry’s father house. The boys of the neighbour were very heartless to Mitt. Anyway, they became…

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